What Hospitality Traits Make You a Worthy Hotelier!

Hospitality industry is emerging as the biggest employer in the world. Even the countries having a very good international and national connectivity experience hospitality as the biggest contributor to many economies. Hospitality extends through a wide variety of industries but is typically associated with the food services, tourism and conference career paths. While there are certain niche skill sets that you may need for specific jobs, there are a few universally required traits that everyone needs to succeed in the field of hospitality. Hotel Management Courses in Delhi makes them an expert by delivering the skill set and make worth the industry requirement.

Choosing Cradle of Management Institute

The Cradle of Management Institute is situated in the south west part of Delhi, which is famous for its rich heritage and cultures. There are a lot of historical places in Delhi for which it has been a popular tourist destination for a long time. Being the national capital of India, it has become a hub for the biggest international corporates to open their offices in the capital region. The international connectivity of Delhi being the most popular airport, is seeing a lot of tourist movement since some years. There are a lot of companies who are investing in the hotel industry in Delhi which is resulting in a huge demand for trained hotel management professionals in Delhi. Due to this huge demand and a world class training programme The Cradle of Management Institute is experiencing all of its students being recruited in the campus interview itself. To become the best institute, CMI has invested a lot to gather the most potential teaching faculty members from around the country with an amazing establishment consisting of a spacious classroom, all departmental labs with state of the art facilities and many recreational activities.

Creative Problem Solving

The hospitality industry is based on the concept that the guest is always right, which means many employees have to come up with creative solutions that will appease the guest while helping the company. For example, a chef might need to change how they store food to cater to gluten free guests. Restaurant managers often comp parts of a meal if a guest is unhappy to increase the likelihood that they will leave satisfied.
When problems arise, there typically isn’t a lot of time to look for multiple solutions. In this case, creative problem solving can help hospitality employees think on their feet and keep guests happy.

Guest Service

Some hospitality professionals undergo additional guest service training to make sure they’re able to create a welcoming environment for the guest they interact with every day. These seminars can teach valuable guest service tactics, including:

  1. Listening to the guest and repeating their concerns back to them so they feel heard
  2. Reducing tense situations between guests and staff and creating a positive energy
  3. Empathizing with the guest about their concerns and positively suggesting solutions
  4. Patiently waiting for a guest to express themselves, even when you’re facing a busy operation


Hospitality employees often rely on teams to get through shifts and keep guests happy. Servers help each other by picking up tables when one section is busy, helping each other deliver food and solving problems for guests to keep them happy.

Food Safety

Food safety extends well beyond restaurants and bars. Anytime food is served to a guest, there’s a risk of an allergic reaction or food poisoning. This is why any company in the hospitality industry should be familiar with basic food safety standards so it can keep guests safe and prevent violations from the health and safety department.

Many of the skills used in the hospitality industry come from on the job experience, but it is suggested to increase your knowledge through Hotel Management Courses in Delhi. By proving your skills, you could show that you’re not just fit to work in the hospitality industry but fit to manage a team as well.

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