How to ask questions on yahoo questions


Yahoo answers is a forum that allows you to ask or get a solution to a problem. The good thing about these services is they are free. If you are stuck with your question, then try posting on yahoo answers for a solution. Many people have difficulties in posting questions to yahoo answers. I will provide detail information on how you can ask a question like the best essay writing services on yahoo answers.

Asking a question on yahoo answers

  • You need to do the following to ask a question on yahoo answers;
  • First, you must have a yahoo email and an account
  • Open the yahoo answers page via your account
  • Tap on the + Ask button next to the profile icon
  • Put your question in the what’s your question indicated place; your character must not exceed 140. You can add images and even the size of your picture.
  • After you finish all these procedures, click on the submit button.

How to edit/delete the question

You may have posted a question, but it does not make sense, and you want to rephrase it, do not worry, yahoo answers provides a method to do. Do the following;

  • Log into your account
  • Tap the profile icon
  • Click on my question tab and chose the question that needs rephrasing or editing.
  • Open the edit option and it will bring the edit drop-down list and edit the question
  • Tap on the submit option to finish the process

Making your question anonymous

Sometimes you may want to hide your identity from other people. You do not want people to know who you are. Yahoo answers will help conceal your identity. The following is the process that will hide your identity

  • Log into your account
  • Tap on the profile icon
  • Click my question icon and chose the question you want to protect the identity.
  • Tap on the edit button it will bring the Edit drop-down menu
  • Choose the make anonymous button
  • Check the question to ensure the username is changed to anonymous

How to answer questions on yahoo answers

People may spend so much time answering questions on yahoo answers; they need to do plenty of research and have resources for the answers. You have all the support and want to answers questions on yahoo answers. The following is what you need to do;

  • Log into your account
  • There are categories in the left side of the panel choose one
  • It has A Q&A on the Discover tab that will display all the answered questions and those that are not answered. Click on answer this question to solve it. Add images of the presentation of your answer to increase its explanation
  • Click on the submit icon
  • To search for unanswered questions, tap the answer icon. Go down to look for the questions that have not been answered and click the textbox
  • Insert images and other sources that back up your images
  • Click the submit button to send the answer


Yahoo answer is a great platform that helps you gets to ask questions and get answers. For those stuck with their assignments, yahoo answers are the best place to get your answers.